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Winter is Coming! Make Sure You and Your Car Have the Right Protection!

The whole US is pounded by wave after wave of snowfalls and blizzards.  The Southern States are expected to feel the full strength of winter soon enough.  Since, winter is coming, make sure you and your car have the right protection. If you really have to drive, you should gear up and pack proper supplies and tools.  Besides that, you should get car insurance: you may never know when winter phenomena may damage your car. So, obtain free car insurance quotes, analyze them and contact car insurance companies.

autoNEW - car1The logical thing to do is to monitor the weather forecast and see if heavy snowfalls, blizzards or ice are announced for the state in which you are located, or on the route you have to take.   If you cannot delay the departure, you must prepare the car to face the winter. Make sure to have enough engine coolant.  Use coolant with ethylene glycol in order to protect the engine. Use a 60% coolant to 40% water ratio. Verify the car battery and inspect all cables, terminals and fluids. If the level of fluid is below the bottom of the cap, refill the battery with distilled water.

Mount the right winter tires for your car. Specialized seasonal tires offer certain advantages unlike all-season tires.  Purchase an antifreeze windshield washer solution.

You should not overlook keeping an emergency kit in your car.  Besides the typical first aid kit, you should also include: flares, boots, shovel, coolant, flashlight, batteries, blankets, radio, engine oil, food and warm clothes. These may seem a bit too much, but do not ever neglect your safety. Before leaving, inform your friends, relatives or coworkers about your route. Do not forget to take with you all the papers, including car insurance documents.

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