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What To Do When You Didn’t Cause The Car Accident

Being involved in an accident will bring many unpleasant consequences. Besides medical bills and repair bill, you may face car insurance cost increase and even being sued. And what’s worse, the latter can happen even if you’re not the guilty driver.  This is why you should read this guide about what to do when you didn’t cause the car accident. And regarding car insurance costs,  get quotes from the most suitable auto insurance company for you, simply by visiting our website and filling in the form.

The first steps to do after an accident, no matter who caused the accident, is to gather documents and eye-witness reports.  If you are injured, seek immediate medical attention and require notes about the injuries.  When it is clear that it’s the other driver’s fault, make sure he doesn’t leave the crime scene. Ask him contact details, insurance details (company’s name and policy number). Photograph the license plates of the at fault driver and gather eye-witness reports.  Written statements are recommended if possible and the witnesses are willing to cooperate with the authorities.  Police should be called immediately and they should get access to all documents and reports.  Get a police report: this will help you settle your claim faster.

Contact your insurance company and notify about the incident. Your insurer will help you with legal defense and even launching a legal challenge if the other driver or his insurers is not willing to cooperate.  If the other party’s insurance company sides with the policyholder and denies your claims, your insurance company will sue that company or advise you to hire a lawyer and sue the insurer yourself. When hiring a lawyer to represent you, make sure to provide all the information required and be honest.  Denying the guilt of an accident requires solid proofs.

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