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How To Handle An Accident, When You Are Not The Guilty Party

Being the victim of a car crash can be really traumatizing. Besides having to support medical and repair shop bills, you can have your insurance costs increased and even being sued by the guilty driver. Yes, you read it well: there are many unscrupulous people who would sue you in order to make you look guilty and take your money.  Read this guide about how to handle an accident. Furthermore, if you are interested in car coverage, check our website and get car insurance free quote.

After an accident, immediately do the following:

  • car insurance free quoteExchanged your name, address, contact telephone number and registration details with the owner of the other vehicle
  • Taken photos of the damage (especially caused to your vehicle) and identified and recorded the details of any witnesses

Next, call the police and ask for a report. Keep in mind that your insurance company will not take action without a police report.

If you are injured, seek immediate medical attention and require notes about the injuries.  When it is clear that it’s the other driver’s fault, make sure he doesn’t leave the crime scene. Ask contact and insurance details and exchange phone numbers.

Then contact your insurance company and notify about the accident. Your insurer will help you with legal defense and even launching a legal challenge if the other driver or his insurers is not willing to pay for the damage.  If the other party’s insurance company sides with the policyholder and denies your claims, your insurance company will take action and will either sue the company or advise to sue the insurer yourself.  It is likely you will need a lawyer in the second case. When hiring a lawyer to represent you, make sure to provide all the information required and present solid proofs.

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