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How To Find A Top Rated Insurance Company

Saving money is not only a matter of finding the lowest premium. Choosing a top rated, reliable company is also a must. An insurer can charge less in premiums but cost you more overall if you get in an accident, by trying to diminish loss estimates or hassling the repair shop to install lesser quality parts. It can also unfairly jack up your premiums after an accident. Check the following guide on finding a top rated company and get auto online insurance quotes.

  1. auto online insuranceSearch for companies that are considered trustworthy outside the online environment. The online environment does not always reflect the reality and there are many ways you can be manipulated. Check for company recommended by people you trust, like relatives and friends. Also pay attention to news about insurance companies.
  2. Work only with licensed companies. Before blindly signing a contract, no matter how great were the quotes you got, make sure that the company that gave them has proper license and can sell the products in your state. You can easily get the info you need, by simply accessing your state’s Department of Insurance website. Here you will find listed all the companies licensed in your state.
  3. Verify company’s complaint ratio. Another thing you should be concerned is a company’s complaint ratio. A trustworthy company usually has a very low ratio of complaints. This means they can handle claims well and have a good client’s relations department. Again, you should check your state’s Department of Insurance website and look for the numbers.
  4. Check the financial strength and stability of a company. You must certainly want to be properly reimbursed by a company in time. There are several indexes and consumer report websites, like AM Best, that details the financial status of any licensed insurance company.

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