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When To File A Car Insurance Claim

The main reason people are often reluctant in filing an auto insurance claim is that they worry that their insurance company will charge them extra upon next renewal. There are certainly times when it makes sense not to file a claim, but if there are other people involved in the accident, that may not be the best choice. Find out when to file a car insurance claim and when not. Also, visit our website and get free auto quotes online from our website.

Scenarios when it makes sense to file a claim:

  •  auto quotes onlineAnother car was involved. You will not always be aware of the extent of the damage or how much it will cost to repair it. There could also be injuries that are not obvious at the time of the accident. File a claim any time there’s another driver involved.
  • There are injuries. If you’re hurt, you should always file a claim. If others are hurt, report it to your insurer immediately to protect yourself from being sued. Even if the other driver tells you it is nothing, he may have change of heart or the minor injuries can get worse and decide to sue you.
  • Your policy includes “accident forgiveness”. This service is offered by some companies, and if it is included in your policy, your rates won’t go up for an accident. Just remember that this is a one-time-only and if you use this benefit for a minor accident, you won’t have it available if you get into something more serious later.

However, there are scenarios when making a claim is unnecessary. For example, when no one else was involved and there was no property damage. If your car has some minor damage. caused by the rocks on the road, you should only report the incident, not to make a claim.

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