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When To Cancel Comprehensive Coverage

Car insurance can be very expensive, especially if you opted for full coverage. Over time, as your car depreciates in value, you should re-check your coverage needs and options. Find out when to cancel comprehensive coverage. Plus, get a free auto insurance quote online from our website.

free auto insurance quote onlineComprehensive auto insurance includes a wide range of possible scenarios, including vandalism, flooding, falling debris or fire. If we were to rank car insurance policies, comprehensive is ranked 3rd, with the first two being Liability (property and liability) and collision overage. Keep in mind that comprehensive coverage also protects against incidents you may have some control over, such as not parking in a dangerous location or leaving valuables unattended in the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage covers things that can be done to your vehicle other than collisions.

If your vehicle is parked in a safe place at night such as a private garage, your comprehensive risks go down significantly. If you rarely or never travel out of state, you are actually at a lower risk of burglary, and the likelihood of your car being stolen goes down as the car gets older. These are all coverages provided by comprehensive coverage and examples of how the coverage could be unnecessary. You probably have a lower risk of filing a comprehensive claim than a collision claim, provided you do not leave inviting packages visible in the vehicle, or simply install a very loud alarm system.

There is no clear point in time at which comprehensive coverage is no longer needed. It is possible to have a rust-bucket vehicle that is constantly used for transporting expensive materials and needs to have the coverage to protect the cargo. The question for making a decision about comprehensive insurance is how much you are willing to pay out of pocket to replace or repair problems that could happen when not having this coverage. If the sum is too large, keep this coverage, if not: drop it!

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