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How To Behave After A Car Accident

The immediate moments after a car crash are crucial. In many cases, they can be lifesaving. But assuming that the accident is not severe and there are no major injuries, how will you act? Find out more about car accident etiquette and what to do after the initial shock. And if you are interested in covering your car against financial losses, get auto insurance cheap quotes from our website. They will help you scan the market and compare prices.

auto insurance cheapThe first thing to do is to keep your calm and be polite.  Do not jump out of your car and immediately begin arguing and blaming others! Remain calm, and even if you are nervous, try to be polite. Ask the other driver if he or she is alright and if the other passengers are also ok. Check on anyone in your own car first, however, and do not try to move if you yourself have been injured. Do not say “I’m sorry” to the other driver, as this may incriminate you for the crash.

If possible, move your vehicle to the side of the road. If this is not possible, turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights but turn off the engine. Call your local emergency number and request additional help from the police and, if needed, the ambulance.

Next, exchange info with the other driver. Politely offer your insurance information, as well as your name and contact information, to the other driver. Them you should ask for the same in return. It is also important to take photos of the accident at this time, and to document the other driver’s license plate number. If the other driver looks unpleased about this, calmly explain that you are just trying to get info. Do not hinder the other driver from doing the same.

After you got sufficient info, contact your carrier. Even in a small fender-bender, it is important to always contact your insurance provider as well as the other driver’s.

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