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5 Tips for Getting the Best Auto Insurance Quotes

Shopping around and getting quotes is the smart thing to do whenever you want to buy car insurance.  Follow these 5 useful tips for getting the best auto insurance quotes online:

  • Try to keep a clean record and remove past traffic violations. Auto insurance companies look back with as much as 10 years when reviewing a potential client. Multiple speeding tickets, car accidents, DUIs or parking tickets will make auto insurance very expensive.  If those felonies were committed long time ago, you can ask the authorities to remove them from records. Talk with a lawyer about expunging your records.  Some felonies are inexpungible. Get quotes after removing some traffic violations. Certainly the prices will be lower.
  • Provide precise car details. The type and model of the care you are driving is a prime factor in determining auto insurance premiums. Knowing your car helps you get accurate quotes and approximate better the real prices.
  • Work with extensive forms. Generally, if the form is more extensive, it is better. Even if you have to spend more time filling in all questions, you will be rewarded with more accurate quotes.  Spending 15 minutes more can save you hundreds of dollars later. A good form should ask:  type of car, model of the car, brand, if you own the car, value of the car and if you committed any felony in the past. This info is important for any insurer.
  • Specify extra protection measures. You should mention if you have graduated approved defensive driving courses or if your car is equipped with latest safety devices.  Search first for websites that include this sort of sections in their forms. This is important because extra safety measures lower the cost on auto insurance.
  • Search for websites that quote well reputed companies. Big brands have earned their reputation in time and they sure have sufficient experience in insuring drivers. Get quotes from them first.

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