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5 Common Causes of Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

The reason why car insurance, which is easily obtained with an online auto insurance quote, is so important nowadays is pretty straightforward: the more people drive motor vehicles, the more crowded roads get, and that leads to an increased risk of accidents happening. And while auto insurance will cover financial losses, it will not be able to heal serious injuries or worse, bring victims back to life. That is why it is of utmost essence that drivers know well which are the five main causes of car accidents, and how to avoid them:

  1. Driving Beyond The Speed Limit. Traffic signs as well as speed limits are designed to keep drivers and their passengers safe. If you need to arrive at your destination at a certain time, just leave earlier and give yourself more time in transit, because rushing things is a useless risk.
  2. Getting Distracted While Driving. Concentration is crucial, as well as reaction time, stopping distance, and your ability to avoid accidents. One should avoid talking on the phone while driving, eating, drinking, putting on make-up and other highly irresponsible activities when driving.
  3. Drunk Driving. Speaking of highly irresponsible activities, driving drunk is right up there among the main causes of road accidents, especially among teens. If you plan on drinking, have a sober, licensed friend to drive you back home.
  4. Changing Lanes Without Caution. Switching lanes without taking the necessary precautions, or without any warning to other drivers, can cause serious accidents. Make sure to always look before changing lanes and to signal properly.
  5. Driving at Night.  Night driving can lead to falling asleep at the wheel. Limit driving at night whenever possible and make sure to use extra caution when driving after it gets dark.

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