What Happens When You Hit A Car You Own

Many families in the United States own 2 or more cars in the same household. If this is also the case for you, you might run out of luck one day and actually damage one of your own vehicles. This is not actually that uncommon. This can easily happen if you have a small garage or a narrow driveway. Or you have an inexperienced driver behind the wheel.  Luckily, filing the insurance claims for these vehicles does not have to be that complicated. Find out what to do in these situations. Plus, if you visit our website, you can get free quotes from any auto insurance company online in your area.

If you hit another person’s vehicle or property, the claim is paid under the liability coverage of the car you were driving. This does not apply to situations where you damage your own property, however, because you cannot be held liable and sue yourself.

As you can easily imagine, the damage between 2 vehicles is paid by collision coverage. Even so, things can get a bit complicated. There are two scenarios: both vehicles are covered by the same carriers, or they are covered by different carriers.  Keep in mind that each vehicle will need to carry collision in order to have repairs paid; if only one vehicle has collision, only that vehicle can be repaired. Vehicles that do not carry first-party coverages cannot recover for damage in this type of accident.

Also, collision coverage will kick in after you pay the deductibles. You are responsible for paying the deductible for each vehicle you own that is involved in an auto accident, even if both are listed on the same policy. However, paying deductibles differs by state and company.  Some companies will waive both deductibles, others not. Be sure to inform about this before making claims.

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