Typical Auto Insurance Exclusions

An auto insurance exclusion is a provision mentioned in your car insurance policy that excludes coverage for a particular driver or scenario. It’s important to know what exclusion is and which exclusions might be written into your insurance contract. Read the contract carefully and make sure you have the coverage you need if and when an incident happens. Exclusions listed in a personal auto insurance policy vary depending on your state’s laws and the guidelines of your auto insurance provider.  Find out the typical auto insurance exclusions and get free online auto insurance quotes from our website.
Liability auto insurance  is the most common policy (also being required by law) and we will  and it has the following coverage exclusions:

  • If an insured has purposely caused injury or property damage.
  • For property damage to property owned (or being transported) by the policyholder.  For example, you can’t make a liability claim if you hit your own car.
  • For property damage to property that is rented, used by or in the care of the insured.
  • For bodily injury to the insured or any member of an insured’s family residing in the insured’s home.
  • For liability arising out of the ownership or operation of a vehicle being used for “livery conveyance.”   This means using your vehicle in transportation of goods or people for payment – so don’t use your car as taxi or delivery service.   Also, don’t use your car for delivering commercial good, or you may void your coverage.
  • Selling, repairing servicing, storing or parking vehicles (other than your insured vehicles) is not covered by your liability or physical damage coverages.
  • Maintaining or using any vehicle that the policyholders are using to engage in business –other than farming or ranching – may not covered.  If you are using your vehicle for business, use a commercial car insurance policy, not a liability one
  • Electronic equipment that is not permanently installed.
  • Custom equipment unless you’ve added a custom parts and equipment endorsement to your policy.

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