Top Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

If you really love your ride, you should give it appropriate care. Here is a list with the most useful motorcycle maintenance tips. And while you’re still on our website, do not forget to get some free auto quotes online. But here’s the list with tips:

  1. Check tires weekly. You should check tire pressure regularly when the tyres are cold. Under-inflation causes premature tire wear and poor handling. Pay attention for which side of the tire is getting worn out faster and switch them around accordingly.
  2. Change the oil after a 3,000- to 5,000-mile interval. Some mechanics recommend changing the engine oil and filter every six months. But it also depends on the bike and the fuel used. More modern engines are more efficient with oil, so they tend to last longer without an oil change. Synthetic oils tend to be more efficient also, even if they are a little more expensive.
  3. Keep a clean air filter. Again, you should clean the filter after around 6000 miles, if you want to give it proper care. If you live in an area with a high degree of pollution, you may want to clean the filer monthly, or even weekly.
  4. Replace the liquid coolant once every 2 years. The liquid coolant protects the engine of the motorcycle during the summer heat and winter frosts.
  5. Pay attention to chain. May sure that the chain is not very tensed at the tightest spot. Add lube to your chain after a ride and whilst it is still warm so that the chain can absorb it as it cools down. Use a cloth and kerosene to clean the chain whenever you change your oil.
  6. Check the spark plugs and change them if they look corroded or very dirty.

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