Tips For Negotiating With Claim Adjusters After An Accident

Filling a claim triggers a long bureaucratic process in which multiple mechanisms and persons are involved. The insurance company will want a closer inspection to the damaged vehicle and a clear view of what they have to reimburse. In order to do that, they dispatch a series of specialists, known as claim adjusters. Cooperating with them is essential for setting the claim and recovering money.  Check our tips for negotiating with claim adjusters after an accident. Also, if you are interested, get online car insurance quotes from our website.

The first thing to do even before the adjusters arrive will be to have a minimum settlement amount.  Keep that amount of money in your mind and do not disclose it right when the adjuster arrives.  This will help you avoid the “take and leave” offers proposed by adjusters. You should remember that adjusters work for companies and they try to make the companies pay less. Having a minimum amount in your mind will help you avoid hasty decisions that you’d probably regret later.

Wait for the first offer, but do not accept it. It is well known that adjusters offer their lowest settlement first.  They do this in order to see if you are aware of claim’s worth and if you are desperate to settle the claim quickly. If you show these signs, you will be caught wrong-footed.

Always make a counter-offer and be ready to negotiate step by step. You and the claim adjuster will then continue to exchange offers until both of you come to a settlement agreement. Another useful tip is to never lower your claim if the adjuster does not increase his offer. If you do that, your claim will appear weak and this will be exploited by the adjuster. When negotiating, make sure to gradually lower the claim on small amounts.

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