Tips For Avoiding Car Repair Shop Scams

After an accident, the usual visit to a repair shop is required. And, as many reports confirm, there is a chance to be scammed by shop mechanics. There are numerous tactics, from asking more money for parts replacement, to fitting inadequate or non-functional airbags or other parts. Check the following tips for avoiding these scams. Furthermore, get online auto insurance quotes from our webpage, for free.

  1. Do not believe “scare tactics”. Statements like “I wouldn’t drive this car another mile” or “you should not drive it” may be a red flag. If you were able to drive the vehicle to the shop, it most likely will make it at least as far as another shop for a second opinion.
  2. Ask some questions about the history of the shop. Ask about how long they have been in the business and if they have some awards. Professional mechanics will answer your questions and give you an idea of the mechanic industry in your area.
  3. Check for logistics. You should see if the shop has updated equipment or they still use industrial era tools. Look for mechanics that use computerized diagnostic equipment. You surely want an accurate, provable diagnosis of your problem.
  4. Check for certifications. Reputable shops will usually display their ASE, National Institute for Automotive Excellence or American Automobile Association certification.
  5. Avoid signing blank work orders. Never sign blank documents, even if you are under pressure. Sign only a work order with a specific estimate for the work that is to be done and any warranties that will apply.
  6. Stick with Original Manufacturer Parts. OEM parts may be a bit more expensive, but they are worth the money. Plus, if the car was made in the USA, look for parts made here. The market is full of cheap, overseas parts.

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