What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Mechanical breakdowns are a nightmare for any driver. Mechanical problems impair vehicles for indefinite term and are expensive to fix, since in many cases they involve replacing parts. And the labor of a skilled mechanic is also costly. You should be aware that you have few insurance coverage options when it comes to paying for mechanical repairs. Find out more about mechanical breakdown insurance and get car insurance quotes free online.

car insurance quotes free onlineMechanical breakdown insurance, also known as MBI, is an optional form of vehicle insurance. The main purpose of the insurance is to cover trips to the mechanic not caused by an accident or collision. Like an extended warranty the mechanical breakdown insurance coverage pays for repairs to a car in excess of the manufacturer’s warranty and may also provide additional coverages as part of the insurance package depending on the insurance provider.

No matter if your engine breaks down or your transmission explodes, your MBI should cover it. Breakdowns can be very expensive. Engine or transmission problems can cost thousands of dollars. These problems are rare, but they’re costly when they do occur.

However, you should first read your warranty, then determine if you should buy this policy. In many cases, the warranty covers some mechanical problems. Also, pay attention to lemon laws for your state. If a mechanical problem persists after a reasonable number of repairs, then you are dealing with a lemon and you should ask for a repurchase.

You can get several levels of mechanical breakdown insurance coverage, typically the basic coverage will protect the following:

  • Engine parts, ex: oil pump, water pump
  • Drivetrain
  • Transmission
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes
  • Electrical components ex: alternator

You can obtain mechanical breakdown coverage that could extend to:

  • steering
  • air conditioning
  • fuel system

Mechanical breakdown coverage does not cover routine tune-ups or tire issues, damage caused by poor maintenance. It also may not cover wear and tear. Many insurance companies don’t offer MBI. You should ask your insurer if it provides this type of coverage.

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