How To Insure Multiple Vehicles With The Same Plan

If you live in a household with multiple vehicles, then it’s in your best interest to insure your cars under one policy (unless, of course, your spouse has a DUI or some other major incident that would cause insurance rates to rise). Find out how to insure multiple vehicles. Plus, you can get free online auto insurance quote from our website.

Multi-car insurance policies are designed for households with two or more passenger vehicles. These vehicles are covered under a single policy. You pay less than you would if you insured each car individually. The benefits of a multi-car insurance policy are obvious. But there are certain requirements to be eligible for a multi-car insurance policy.

There’s one obvious requirement for qualifying for a multi-car insurance policy: you need to insure two or more passenger vehicles on the same car insurance policy. To do that, you’ll need all of the usual information – like the VIN and lienholder information (if applicable) for any vehicles, as well as the driver’s license numbers for all drivers. The information required for a multi-car policy is no different from a single-car policy, aside from the fact that you’re listing multiple vehicles.

Insurance companies almost always have a limit to the number of cars you can cover under a single insurance policy. Typically, insurers allow you to cover a maximum of four of five vehicles under a single policy.

Some companies offer a discount only if the insured cars are in the same household and insured by related parties. If you’re living with unrelated roommates, for example, then you may not qualify for a multi-car insurance policy.

Another restriction you need to know about is that motorcycles and cars cannot be covered under the same multi-car insurance policy.  Motorcycles require a motorcycle policy – not an auto policy.

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