Insurance Tips For Classic Car Owners

Owning a classic or a vintage car is a reason to be very proud. These cars are very valuable and limited collectible editions worth a fortune. As you can imagine, there are plenty of reasons to make sure that the car is properly protected and has sufficient coverage. You should look for adequate policies and insurance services from top auto insurance companies. Do not neglect obtaining quotes prior to any contract and comparing prices. We recommend you to read the following list with insurance tips for car owners.

  1. Always look for specialized carriers. It may take more time to find a really good classic car insurance provider, but you will be greatly rewarded. In many cases, we are talking about small, independent firms, who are willing to know you and your car better. Even more, they can hook you up with people sharing the same passion and even have the same car model. Specialized firms can find replacement parts faster due to their connections and expertize.
  2. Look for specialized coverage. Unlike nowadays cars which are mass produced, classic cars are rarer and need special insurance coverage. It is recommended for the insurance plan to have restoration coverage. Pat attention to damage coverage, especially to terms and conditions. Talk with the insurer and see how they will help you find spare parts, if something would happen to your car.
  3. Pay attention to restrictions, maintenance rules and exclusions. Classic cars are not supposed to be driven every day. You should know that and if you don’t, your insurance company will certainly tell you. The contract will specify how many days or hours the car should be on the streets. The rest of the time, the vehicle must be kept in a safe location, preferably in a garage.

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