Car Insurance Renewal Tips

Each time you renew car coverage, prices change. It may be in your advantage to follow these car insurance renewal tips and negotiate for better prices. Also, get insurance quotes online auto before renewal.

  1. Shop around and compare prices. We all know that insurance companies have the habit of changing the prices. In order to keep up with them, it is important to consult the market and get quotes for multiple carriers. This becomes even more important when renewal time approaches. Keep in mind that the carrier which once was the most beneficial for you, financially speaking, can now be very expensive.
  2. Ask for some discounts. Before making any change, you should contact the insurance company and see if you are able to grab some cost-cutters. Having a good no-claim bonus would help. Being a good driver for several consecutive years should reward you. If the company is not willing to offer any no-claim bonus or loyalty discount, or any other form of discount (for which you are eligible), you should change the carrier.
  3. Install extra safety devices. Making your car safer is the smart thing to do before any renewal. And most companies will reward your investment with some discounts. Again, it would be wise to ask for such discounts before making any change and ask the agents which devices would guarantee a price drop. On the long run, you will recover the invested money and save more.
  4. Check the value of the car. Another important thing to remember is that valuables, like cars, depreciate over time. It is wise to calculate car’s value, there are several website which may help you, and see how much coverage you really need. Keeping full coverage for some old cars is not the best thing to do.
  5. Avoid car lapses. Having insurance gaps can get you labeled “high-risk driver” and automatically make you pay a whole lot more. Make sure to be insured all the time.

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