Autumn Car Maintenance Tips

Driving safely during the fall months requires more than just cautious driver behavior. Your car also needs some attention. Before the weather gets too nasty, it’s a good idea to get a few routine car maintenance tasks done so your vehicle will be ready for the coming autumn weather. Check the following autumn car maintenance tips and get automobile car insurance quotes for free, from our website.

  1. Verify the fluid levels. It is important to check the car’s fluid levels, including engine oil, antifreeze, and brake fluids. Windshield washer fluids will have to be replaced with solvents that are suited for the cold weather. The engine’s coolant recovery reservoir should be checked to ensure that they are not below the minimum mark. The brake reservoir should also be checked to make sure that there’s enough brake fluid. Also check for leaks.
  2. Inspect tires. It’s always good to perform a quick inspection of your tires to see if you need a new set, or if your current ones will make it a while longer. Tyres are ready to be replaced when the tread has worn down to 1.6mm, and it is easy to know when that is by checking the “wear bars.” These indicators are narrow strips of smooth rubber running across the width of the tire. The wear bars don’t show until the tire has reached the end of its life.
  3. Verify the heaters and defrosters. Driving with an improperly working heater isn’t fun or safe. Driving with fogged-up windows is an accident waiting to happen. Check front and rear window defrosters to ensure proper working condition. If necessary, have heater and defroster systems repaired.
  4. Check the battery. A fully charged battery is necessary to start the car in cold weather. Have the battery and charging system inspected by a trained technician.

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